Defining Who I Am- And What I Believe In

Defining Who I Am- And What I Believe In.


Defining Who I Am- And What I Believe In

No one with a pulse has missed the horrific murders of journalists and Police in France by Islamic terrorists.  From this, a movement began- “Je Suis Charlie”- I Am Charlie as in Charlie Hebdo- the paper who chose to publish its satirical views of EVERYTHING… including Islam.

I had to think a long time before I decided that I didn’t deserve my Freedom of Speech if what I needed to do was censor myself.  Is the pretense of safety worth the cowardice?  Am I okay with deciding that my right to free speech is worth the potential for risk?
YES.  Yes it is.

Before my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, my goal in life was to write.  After he died, I’ve made numerous false starts.  You may be reading one of them, I don’t know.  What I DO know is that I try to practice this craft every single day.  Do I publish everything I write?  No.  Not yet.  I’m still trying to figure out what in hell I’m saying and how to say it.  Not unusual and not unreasonable.

What I think I always believed but never fully comprehended was that I would always have the ability to speak my mind without regard to who liked it or not.  I have a new comprehension.  Today I realize that my opinions- controversial or not- could lead to people taking a ‘tude and hunting my ass down.

Most of what I write is fill for other, better writers.  I research like a shark and have an odd array of subjects that I know a whole ton of stuff about because I got interested.  Ebola is a good case in point.  I started researching Ebola in the early 80’s and just never stopped.  Not a subject relevant to my work in IT,  just one I became intensely interested in.  Today I have a wealth of knowledge on the subject that I don’t need to research.  I can write the historical information based on my own knowledge.

I save my opinion for Facebook posts or my blog.  I try to make sure that my opinions are identified as opinions and that my opinions are no rule for anyone else.  While I recognize that not everyone will agree with my opinions, I reserve my right to have them.

Given everything, I have to decide who I am and what I believe in.

I am a 52 year old widow with COPD and the life expectancy of your average cicada.  I am an American with no hyphen and no apology.  I am one of five children of my loving parents, now deceased.

I believe in America.  I believe that this is the greatest country in the world and the greatness of this country is based in it’s willingness to embrace ALL comers- ALL origins, ALL religions, ALL creeds.  We ARE the melting pot- the amalgamation of everything.

In this country, we have chosen to allow an expression of all truths.  In doing so we enable discussion- if we are wise enough to discuss.

Very unfortunately, we choose instead to scream at one another to little effect.  That’s always “productive”.  Whatever.

I am not Charlie.  I haven’t had the guts to be Charlie.  Charlie Hedbo proved for years that there is a value to questioning everything.  I can’t claim those chops.  What I can do, what I am doing today, is saying that I will not write in fear.  I will not edit my beliefs in order to make them more palatable.  I refuse to relinquish the freedoms granted to me in America.  PERIOD.

The recent atrocities in Paris, the murders of the journalists of Charlie Hebdo in the name of Islam must be identified and rejected for what they are- Islamic terrorism.  Are all Muslims terrorists?  Hell no!  But these asswipes don’t get the honor of being called anything but thugs.

I don’t care at all about their “religious” leanings.  What they are- what they chose to become- is terrorists.  They murdered 12 people in cold blood.  For what?  Editorial cartoons?  Seriously???

As I write this blog, I am following International news sources.  The gunmen are currently holed up in an industrial park near Charles de Gualle Airport.  A stand-off has ensued.  A hostage has been taken.  Lovely.

Fuck you terrorists.  There will be nothing for you in Paradise.  The pooch?  Yeah, you screwed it.