My First Post In This Space!

I know, I know.  The excitement just never ends, right?

I decided that I needed to start this blog in addition to a blog I already write about ADHD.  Partly because I have more than one dimension, partly because I was beginning to bore myself.  I’ve had ADHD for over 50 years and after awhile, you just gotta wonder if you have more to talk about.

The other thing that drove this choice is that I’m boring the people on Facebook to death.  Let’s face it.  Facebook is NOT the best blog vehicle.

If you come here looking for the wisdom of the ages, prepare to be heartbroken in despair.  I don’t do wisdom.  I write what I want- often a collection of letters that no one will ever read.  I’m kinda pathetic like that.

Who do I write to?  My last letter was to Santa.  Let me share…

Dear Santa,

I hope it isn’t weird for 52 year olds to write you with Christmas wishes. Unfortunately, by this age the things I want are probably not manufactured by elves. Heck, even the Chinese elves don’t make this stuff.

The wish I wish most of all isn’t something you or anyone can give me. I want my Mike back. I can’t have that and I know it. So I thought I would make it somewhat easier on you- but not a piece of cake.

You see, sir, what I want most of all for Christmas is a moment. I want a place in time when racial tensions aren’t being kicked to a higher gear. That won’t solve the problems we have. Only rational discourse can do that.

I want both Democrats and Republicans to remember that we are all people first. In America, we are a people with a Constitution. That Constitution is a beautiful document, one that informs how we in America choose to live together. How about we all READ the darned thing and choose to live by it?

Asking for “Peace On Earth” is lovely but not real specific. I want to be specific here- we need desperately to quit trying to kill one another and figure out how we can live together. Can you help us with that Santa dear?

While I’m asking for the impossible, I might as well ask for what I think we need- a sense that we CAN achieve better things. I believe this but so many people can’t see how to get there. Can you help out with this?

You see, Santa, I know I can’t have what my heart desires. I can’t have my beloved Mike back. But I’m hoping you can grant my wishes. I know I’m asking for the world… but why not try?

From this you know that I am a widow.  If you follow this you will discover that my late husband was Superman.  If you have opinions about his secret identity, I will thank you to keep them to yourself.

So here you have it.  My first post using WordPress.  There will be more.  Trust me.


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